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EV Section 

Core Technology 

Dynamic computation provides super power, save energy and reach the best energy utilization, longer mileage and life cycle.

Estimating the aging parameters of each cell by aging model, can predict cell state and remaining life accurately.

Reliable and secure automotive level pack design and Cell to Pack, Cell to Chassis design, an intelligent algorithm improves SOX precision, to achieve efcient and dynamic balance of EV system.

New energy vehicles can be turned into distributed energy storage units which can participate in the power grid’s peak load shifting, and can become a backup power source of household.

Leading energy storage integration technology, distributed and centralized PCS, integration compact energy storage system.

Self-developing capability of lithium-ion cell, can customize cells according to application and market environment requirements, improve the overall performance of cells through material innovation.

Real-time cell health condition examination by algorithm, to identify abnormal cells in advance, preventing fire and blasting accident

Self-research and developed BMS integrated a set of algorithm, which can accurately predict the state of cell and maintain the error, ensure cell consistency, preventing power and mileage drop suddenly and quickly, extend 30% life cycle of battery pack.

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What we Do

Automatic Production Line.

Integrates the processes of pre-charging, sorting, spot welding and laser welding, assembly, testing, comprehensive implementing automatic production. The production line plays a key role in ensuring the consistency and stability of batteries, increasing battery pack efficiency

Characterized by automation, intelligence and digitization. Through big data management, the whole production process can effectively trace the production status and information of the cell and make effective processing.

Has obvious advantages in eliminating short circuit of cells, reducing misjudgment of matching cells, improving welding quality, improving the rate of cell locking in place, improving the accuracy of data collection.

The production process adopts robots instead of manual production, a high degree of automation, achieved high efficiency, high quality, high ratio of qualified products.

A leading production line in the industry. It’s a self developed and manufacturing of complete solutions such as automatic production line, MES, CCD, laser application and quality traceability.

Product EV2W & EV3W 

ModelDimension(mm)Pack StructurePower(Kwh)Voltage(V)Cell(Ah)

Product EV4W 

Dimension(mm)Pack StructurePower(Kwh)Voltage(V)Cell(Ah)

EV Section 


Das has advanced Digitalized Battery technology - the core of the entire Eco System


AI+IoT System

Combination of cloud based algorithms and Edge Control


Electrochemical Algorithm

Simulating the variation of internal resistance and impedance
spectrum analysis to identify the turning point of the battery’s cycle life. This significantly improves battery safety and extends its lifespan.


Cell and iBMS Solution

Achieve higher energy efficiency by implementing more efficient battery energy management on the basis of the same battery cells


Lithium Battery Management Cloud Platform

Realizing visualization and full lifecycle battery management applications (valueadded SaaS, business model), evolving towards energy asset management


Vehicle-grade pack design

Vehicle-grade pack design includes an integrated solution for the powertrain system, allowing for seamless integration of the batter and control cabinet

EV2W & EV3W Pack Solution:

Being a leader in Electric Vehicle battery technology We at DAS have developed a advance and smart battery packs which is customizable and adaptable for every environment and working conditions.

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EV4W Battery Pack Solution:

With the help of our advanced R&D facility and highly qualified and experienced doctors we are able to deliver Pack solution for Cars, Mini trucks, Loaders etc. from a decade.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for BUS & Logistics Vehicles:

Hydrogen fuel cells are considered a clean and efficient way of producing energy, as they only emit water and heat as by-products. They can be used for various applications, such as powering vehicles, Buses, Logistic Vehicles, buildings, portable devices and even aircraft and Sub Marines. We at DAS have developed Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Buses and Logistic Vehicles which is trial and tested by customers and are on road.

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Smart Charging & Swapping Station

Charging & Swapping Station

  • Monitor and control the charging process safely and efficiently.
  • Fast charging support.

Battery Management

Real time power status, get to the nearest station.

Smart Battery

  • Super user experience
  • Ultra-safe

Energy Storage

Energy storage and
charging station integration

Intelligent Electric Vehicle

Longer mileage and lifecycle with smart energy

Hydrogen Fuel System For Bus
Basic SpecificationLength of BUS10480 mm
Width of BUS2550 mm
Height of BUS3300 mm
Weight of BUS12500 KG
Basic PerformanceMaximum Speed69 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 50km/h≤20 S
Maximum Climbing Capacity15%
Mileage>500 km
Hydrogen Fuel System For Logistic Vehicle
Basic SpecificationMotor120KW Hydrogen
Battery Storage100 KWH
Weight18000 KG
Load Capacity9000 KG
Basic PerformanceMaximum Speed89 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 50km/h≤20 S
Maximum Climbing Capacity20%
Mileage>800 km

ESS Section 

Leading Smart String Type PCS for All PV Scenarios 
Modular Design, Easy Expansion and Maintenance 

IP65/IP21 for option

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Digital Energy Storage with Advanced Technology

High performance BMS and automatic PACK technology to increase cells consistency.

AI, of BMS, to increasecells consistency, decrease customer maintenance cost.

Accurately estimate battery health status, quantitatively demonstrate SoH

IoT + BMS for intelligent battery management.

Distributed and Centralised PCS.

Two international patient application forcollabortive developed algorithms

BMS distributed management

Our BMS system has a multinational design , more comprehensive data collection, intelligent algorithms for active and passive balancing of BMS, dynamic adjustment of BMS and improved battery performance.

Evaluation of battery SoH in the full lifetime

Digitally manage the battery full life cycle, apply full frequency domain impedance spectrum scanning EIS technology, identity and fix fault battery in time to avoid safety risk.

Battery hologram

Monitor the temperature, charging data, travel data and other general indicators. By adding communications positioning function in the BMS system, the battery can be real time tracked, to avoid battery theft risk.

AI algorithms for application scenarios

AI+ detailed battery big data assessment, battery behavior model, battery solutions

Smart Energy Management System

Conventional EMS Function

Monitoring and control Electric power monitoring
and control function.

Air conditioning monitoring and control function.

Visualization function Energy analysis Energy
consumption monitoring Energy conservation
evaluation report Facility ledger management.

Value Added Smart Functions

Demand prediction Energy supply optimize
control InterHouse/ Building/Enterprise
cooperative. Sharing in Local Community Electric
power consumption limiting functions Power
operational support function

Save Electricity Bill

Improve the efciency of energy. Energy Gateway of an Entity. 

PV Poduct





Black Series

Double glazed series

Intelligent series

Half cell series

Ess Product- Industrial & Commercial Application

String type

Grid connecting and off-grid switching device

String centralized PCS

Half cell series

Ess Product- Residential Application

15kWh Cabinet

10kWh Power Cube

5kWh All-In-One

One of the top companies in the EV and ESS industry Das Vermogen. Das Vermogen has gained widespread recognition for its cutting-edge EV models and advanced energy storage solutions.

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