Company Introduction.

Limega Power is a professional enterprise engaged in varies of lithium-ion battery applications, including lithium-ion cell technology development, battery pack assembly, BMS solutions, focusing on lithium-ion battery full life cycle management, electric vehicle dynamic system construction, and energy storage system, having an excellent world’s top experts team which has 5 PhDs with self-developed high-end technologies in new energy industry. Team is also working on sodium-ion battery since 2019 and hydrogen energy since 2014, both products have been verified and validated by market. We are also collaborating with first class raw material and machinery supply chains, which supply to top 10 electric vehicle and lithium-ion cell manufacturers.

Manufacturing Services.
Our team has more than 10 years of ODM and OEM manufacturing experiences, providing one-stop manufacturing services for international customers, with services covering energy, motorcycles, automobiles, intelligent hardware software and other fields.

Procurement and Supply Management.

We offer both procurement and supply management services to our customers. We maintain a good cooperative relationship with battery manufacturers and many component supply enterprises, and the strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation with top. lithium-ion cell suppliers and customers, continuous investment of technical manpower and capital, improve production efficiency and excellence.

One of the top companies in the EV and ESS industry Das Vermogen. Das Vermogen has gained widespread recognition for its cutting-edge EV models and advanced energy storage solutions.

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