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Das Vermogen leverages advanced lithium–ion technology and a mature battery supply chain to address the pain points and needs of the EV and ESS markets in South Asia and Southern East Asia.


Company Profile.

Founded in Singapore, Das Vermogen is composed of experts with rich experience in various professional fields, such as energy, power, telecommunications and internet, as well as extensive experience in overseas market expansion.

Indian Subsidiary.

Limega Power is a professional enterprise engaged in varies of lithium-ion battery applications, including lithium-ion cell technology development, battery pack assembly, BMS solutions, focusing on lithium-ion battery full life cycle management, electric vehicle dynamic system construction, and energy storage system, having an excellent world’s top experts team which has 5 PhDs with self-developed high-end technologies in new energy industry. Team is also working on sodium-ion battery since 2019 and hydrogen energy since 2014, both products have been verified and validated by market. We are also collaborating with first class raw material and machinery supply chains, which supply to top 10 electric vehicle and lithium-ion cell manufacturers.

What we Do

Core Technology .

Dynamic computation provides super power, save energy and reach the best energy utilization, longer mileage and life cycle.

Estimating the aging parameters of each cell by aging model, can predict cell state and remaining life accurately.

Reliable and secure automotive level pack design and Cell to Pack, Cell to Chassis design, an intelligent algorithm improves SOX precision, to achieve efcient and dynamic balance of EV system.

New energy vehicles can be turned into distributed energy storage units which can participate in the power grid’s peak load shifting, and can become a backup power source of household.

Leading energy storage integration technology, distributed and centralized PCS, integration compact energy storage system.

Self-developing capability of lithium-ion cell, can customize cells according to application and market environment requirements, improve the overall performance of cells through material innovation.

Real-time cell health condition examination by algorithm, to identify abnormal cells in advance, preventing fire and blasting accident

Self-research and developed BMS integrated a set of algorithm, which can accurately predict the state of cell and maintain the error, ensure cell consistency, preventing power and mileage drop suddenly and quickly, extend 30% life cycle of battery pack.

Automatic Production Line.

Integrates the processes of pre-charging, sorting, spot welding and laser welding, assembly, testing, comprehensive implementing automatic production. The production line plays a key role in ensuring the consistency and stability of batteries, increasing battery pack efficiency

Characterized by automation, intelligence and digitization. Through big data management, the whole production process can effectively trace the production status and information of the cell and make effective processing.

Has obvious advantages in eliminating short circuit of cells, reducing misjudgment of matching cells, improving welding quality, improving the rate of cell locking in place, improving the accuracy of data collection.

The production process adopts robots instead of manual production, a high degree of automation, achieved high efficiency, high quality, high ratio of qualified products.

A leading production line in the industry. It’s a self developed and manufacturing of complete solutions such as automatic production line, MES, CCD, laser application and quality traceability.

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Das has advanced Digitalized Battery technology - the core of the entire Eco System


AI+IoT System

Combination of cloud based algorithms and Edge Control


Electrochemical Algorithm

Simulating the variation of internal resistance and impedance
spectrum analysis to identify the turning point of the battery’s cycle life. This significantly improves battery safety and extends its lifespan.


Cell and iBMS Solution

Achieve higher energy efficiency by implementing more efficient battery energy management on the basis of the same battery cells


Lithium Battery Management Cloud Platform

Realizing visualization and full lifecycle battery management applications (valueadded SaaS, business model), evolving towards energy asset management


Vehicle-grade pack design

Vehicle-grade pack design includes an integrated solution for the powertrain system, allowing for seamless integration of the batter and control cabinet


Completed Pre A round in October 2022

Types of developed power battery products
Technical solution for sodium ion batteries
0 GW
Completion of local factories in India and Indonesia
0 +
Locked in over 10 large industrial chain customers
International patent applications for self-developed algorithms
Global operations bases

Dont’ just take our words for it

“Original, creative and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, Saasland are always a pleasure to work with.”

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One of the top companies in the EV and ESS industry Das Vermogen. Das Vermogen has gained widespread recognition for its cutting-edge EV models and advanced energy storage solutions.

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